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Gillette Mach3 4-Blade Refill

Gillette Mach3 4-Blade Refill
35 1696.25 1 696.25 р.
Бонусные баллы: 85
Производитель: Gillette
Доступность: 35
Код товара: GMR-18243
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Gillette Mach3 4-Blade Refill are blades compatible with all Mach3 razors.

They provide a smooth and efficient shave that is gentle on the skin:

  • Thanks to proven technology, these blades are safe and durable. They offer great shaving comfort.
  • To prevent the risk of irritation, they are equipped with Lubrastrip technology: in contact with water, the lubricating strip releases active agents that reduce friction during shaving. Its progressive discolouration makes it possible to quickly identify the state of wear of the blades.
  • For increased efficiency, the blades are preceded by a flexible elastomer comfort guard. The 10 micro-slides stretch the skin and prepare the hair, thus promoting a precise cut while preventing sensations of irritation when the blades are passed.
  • They are stronger than bare steel.

Each blade delivers 15 comfortable, clean shaves.


Regularly check the condition of the blades for a better shave.


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