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Payot Homme - Optimale Daily Kit

Payot Homme - Optimale Daily Kit
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Производитель: Payot
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Код товара: PHO-18232
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Payot Homme - Optimale Daily Kit is a fresh and purifying ritual dedicated to men. These 3 formulas come with their free kit that will allow you to carry them everywhere with elegance.

- Payot Homme - Optimale Charcoal Anti-Imperfections Face Cleanser Cleansing Gel 150 ml is a face cleanser specially formulated for men?s sensitive skin. This cleansing gel contains charcoal and volcanic micro-particles that will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin, releasing it from impurities and dead cells. It also contains a sebo-regulating action that mattifies the skin throughout the day and activated charcoal will desorb the pores preventing the appearance of imperfections.  Its intense black gel texture transforms into a generous white foam on contact with water. Quickly, the skin is fresh and purified, it is softer and the skin texture is refined. Your skin regains its original radiance.

-  Payot Homme - Optimale Soothing After Shaving Balm Alcohol Free Calming Restorative 50 ml is an alcohol-free after-shave balm.  This soothing and repairing balm moisturizes the skin and reduces the fire of the shaver after shaving. It contains Manganese with anti-stress and protective properties, present in Rhodochrosite extract.  It also contains Iron, stimulant, present in Hematite extract. It is enriched with calming agents (Aloe Vera, Licorice, Allantoin) and protective vitamins (E, PP, B5).

Without alcohol.

- Payot Homme - Optimale 24H Anti-Perspirant Refreshing Anti-Perspirant Roll-On 75 ml Offered is a roll-on specially formulated for men's sensitive skin. This refreshing and anti-perspirant deodorant contains trace elements, Iron and Copper to stimulate and purify the skin. It helps to regulate perspiration throughout the day. After use, the treated areas no longer suffer the inconveniences of perspiration, the epidermis remains supple and soft and the sensitivity of the skin is respected. It is suitable for all skin types.

Made in France.


- Scrubbing gel:

Use morning and/or evening on damp skin in circular movements. Rinse with water. Avoid contact with eyes.

- After-shave care :

After shaving, apply to face and neck. Massage until the product penetrates.

- Deodorant:

Apply the deodorant 24 hours to the affected areas after bathing or showering.

Do not apply to irritated skin, if irritation occurs, discontinue application. Apply to underarms only.


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