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T.Leclerc The Eye Pencil 1.05g

T.Leclerc The Eye Pencil 1.05g
2 1998 1 998 р.
Бонусные баллы: 100
Производитель: T.Leclerc
Доступность: 2
Код товара: TTE-18378
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T.Leclerc The Eye Pencil 1.05g is a pencil that gently structures and dresses the eye contour and intensifies the eyes. Its texture facilitates application without pulling on the eyelid and ensures impeccable hold all day long. An intense or more discreet look: simply play with all the effects of make-up: iridescent, metallic, matte or intense.

The waxes present in its formula soften its texture and allow to modulate the make-up effects. Rich in pigments, it is designed to guarantee an intense and long-lasting result. After application, the eyes gain in depth and the look is sublimated.

Ophthalmologically tested, even on sensitive eyes.


For a natural finish: apply the pencil flush with your lashes.

For a more intense look: insist on the outer corner of the eye (it is possible to thicken or refine the pencil line according to the desired effect).

Avoid following the curve of the eye to the last lash when applying to avoid a droopy look.

Optimize the hold of the pencil by then applying an eye shadow in the same shade.

For impeccable hygiene, remember to use a pencil sharpener before each use.


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