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Phyt's Organic Make-Up Eyes Pencil 1g

Phyt's Organic Make-Up Eyes Pencil 1g
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Производитель: Phyt's
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Код товара: POM-18365
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Phyt's Organic Make-Up Eyes Pencil 1g is a certified organic eye pencil for intense color with a smooth line.

Designed to respect the delicate area around the eye, this pencil offers you a soft lead with a creamy outline thanks to a 100% natural texture enriched with vegetable butters, waxes and soft oils.
The layout is easy and perfect with a single gesture. You play with your look at will to bewitch, maintain the mystery, hypnotize, intoxicate or even encourage gluttony!

The key to an infinitely more captivating look!

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. 23% are from Organic Farming.

Organic cosmetics certified by the COSMEBIO Charter. Controlled manufacturing process. Characteristics certified by Bureau Veritas Certification according to the I-305 standard.

Made in France.


Draw the eye contour at the edge of your lashes.
Start from the outer corner: apply 2/3 the length on the upper eyelid and half the length on the lower eyelid.
Then, lightly blend the line, especially on the lower eyelid, which should be less makeup than the upper.
To be used as a liner or kohl.


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