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Boho Green Make-up Blush Brush 06

Boho Green Make-up Blush Brush 06
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Бонусные баллы: 110
Производитель: Boho Green Make-up
Доступность: 5
Код товара: BGM-18288
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Boho Green Make-up Blush Brush 06 is a make-up accessory with 100% synthetic bristles and a pink gold ferrule offering comfort of use and high precision of application.

This Vegan make-up brush has an ergonomic FSC-certified wooden handle. It facilitates the application of blush and allows to blend the blush to erase demarcations. It is an ally of choice for contouring. Its bristles are ultra soft and resistant, even for the most sensitive skin.


Round/oval face: the round face has no protruding parts. It needs to be elongated and sculpted. To highlight the cheekbones, apply blush by drawing a "3" on the cheeks starting from the temples, going down and blending towards the jaw. Tip: avoid pearly shades that reflect light and give volume.

Square/angular face: to lengthen the square face and soften its corners, apply blush with circular movements. Do not hesitate to highlight your cheekbones. Apply blush with a horizontal line. Start from the ear and work your way up to the protruding part of the cheeks. Tip: don't hesitate to smile in front of the mirror to identify the bulging parts of the cheeks on which to apply the blush.

For maximum hygiene and to prolong the life of this brush, clean at least once a month, ideally every week. Emulsify with a little water, baby shampoo or shower gel. Rinse thoroughly and then let the brush dry on a clean cloth or simply upside down.


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