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Lierac Teint Perfect Skin Perfecting Illuminating Foundation SPF 20 30ml

Lierac Teint Perfect Skin Perfecting Illuminating Foundation SPF 20 30ml
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Бонусные баллы: 150
Производитель: Lierac
Доступность: 41
Код товара: LTP-18310
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Lierac Teint Perfect Skin Perfecting Illuminating Foundation SPF 20 30ml is a care with new generation texture that neutralizes the complexion defects while smoothing and replumping the skin. Easy and fast to apply, the texture melts in the skin and provides a powdered finish for instantaneous pro-effect. Its nude-skin results provides a uniform natural glow with a texture that adapts to all: halfway between the foundation and the tinted cream.

From its application, the skin changes in all discretion: it is more radiant, more uniform and more luminous. The product holds the whole day and leaves the skin moisturized.

As applications goes by, this care allows to the skin to reveals its most beautiful shades. It reveals a more pinky glow and less olive and beige reflects. Its secret: it stimulates the Alpha-Crystallin synthesis, a protein that avoids to the complexion from tarnishing and provides a colour correction. its smoothing Hyalu-3 Complex acts at surface and in depth of the skin.

Efficacy clinically proven.


To apply in 3 ways;
- With the fingertips by putting the fluid by light touch on the different areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin). Stretch from the inside to the outside, up to the neck and ears to avoid dermacations.
- With flat brush: put the fluid on the back of your hnd and make penetrate in the brush bristles. For uniform result, work each side of the face one after the other. Start from the middle of the face and stretch to the outside.
- With sponge: put the desired quantity on a sponge. Apply by touch on different areas of the face. Gently tap on the whole face for uniform application without forgetting neck and ears. Then use the thin part of the sponge to perfec the nasal wings and to conceal the imperfections.


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