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T.Leclerc The Powdered Blush 5g

T.Leclerc The Powdered Blush 5g
11 3752 3 752 р.
Бонусные баллы: 188
Производитель: T.Leclerc
Доступность: 11
Код товара: TTP-18301
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T.Leclerc The Powdered Blush 5g is a blush, the final touch for ensured "healthy glow" effect. A powdery veil of subtle and refined colour structures and illuminates your face. Make-up is instantaneously raised.

Its fine and soft texture allows a diffuse application without overload and long lasting. The finish is iridescent and transparent, the face is radiant.


Blush application is always made with a brush. Prefer the T.Leclerc PIN2 angled brush for flawless application.

For perfect symmetry, smile when applying. This will make it easier to apply the blush.
Different uses are possible depending on the desired result:

  • for a complexion full of freshness, apply a rather rosy colour from the centre of the cheekbones outwards.
  • for a "healthy glow" effect, choose a warmer shade, stretch it from the temples to the front of the face, in a "crescent moon".


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