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Weleda Baby Belly Massage Oil 50ml

Weleda Baby Belly Massage Oil 50ml
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Производитель: Weleda
Доступность: 99
Код товара: WBB-17868
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Weleda Baby Belly Massage Oil 50ml was especially designed for the comfort and the relief of baby necessary to his well-being during digestion. This oil of massage containing sweet almond oil combines the effects of marjoram, organic chamomile and cardamome, three plants traditionally used to support digestion.

A massage with this oil relaxes and supports the return to the well-being after the meals.

Controlled natural cosmetics BDIH.

Without conservatives, dyes, perfumes of synthesis, mineral oils.

Not tested on the animals.


Baby Belly Massage Oil applies in soft massages to the belly of baby (to await at least a half hour after tétée or the feeding-bottle).

It is carried out with quite hot hands, in a room at pleasant temperature for the baby. Oil must be moderate. After having heated some drops of product between the hands, one can apply it to the belly of baby: the midwives recommend movements in spiral, in the direction of the needles of a watch, while going from the navel towards the periphery.

This movement is particularly recommended for the relaxation when the baby is agitated and goes up his knees towards the belly.


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