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Always Dailies Cotton Protection 38 Normal Sanitary Napkins

Always Dailies Cotton Protection 38 Normal Sanitary Napkins
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Производитель: Always
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Код товара: ADC-17631
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Always Dailies Cotton Protection 38 Normal Sanitary Napkins are protections endowed of a veil 100% of organic cotton. In addition, they are fragrance and dye free.

They are thin and flexible, designed to be comfortable and have an absorbent core with a micro-ventilated design that retains losses.

They are specially elaborated for daily use.

Normal Size


Sanitary napkins are generally designed to be worn for one day. If it looks fresh and clean, you don't need to change it during the day. However, this depends on why you are wearing one.

  • If it is because of vaginal discharge, it will depend on the intensity of the flow, its colour and smell. If, at any time of the day, you feel it's time to change it, there's nothing to stop you. There are no rules and it's all a matter of personal choice.
  • If you wear it to feel cool and dry, you can change it every day, or more often if you have heavy leakage or vaginal discharge. Finally, if you wear it on days of light menstrual flow or as extra protection with a tampon or menstrual cup, you may need to change more often, like with sanitary pads.

Do not flush it down the toilet, wrap it in its pouch or pouch and throw it in a trash can.

Keep away from moisture.


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