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Nett ProComfort 24 Mini Tampons

Nett ProComfort 24 Mini Tampons
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Бонусные баллы: 15
Производитель: Nett
Доступность: 55
Код товара: NPM-17653
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Nett ProComfort 24 Mini Tampons are ultra-comfortable, applicator-free tampons with the revolutionary Dynamic Fit technology ?, a 3D expansion:

  • Unique interlocking grooves that help your tampon fit closer to your body and gradually redirect the flow back into its core for peace of mind.
  • All components have been rigorously selected for their safety and tolerance.
  • Its silky effect veil allows for easy and gentle insertion and removal for maximum comfort.

Nett ProComfort is the most suitable tampon to start using tampons. It is the smallest and is really easy to insert and remove. It is therefore ideal for girls and women using tampons for the first time.

Fragrance-free, no chlorine bleach.


Wash and dry your hands before and after inserting the tampon.

Change the tampon every 4 to 8 hours.

Always use the minimum absorption adapted to its flow.

Do not flush down the toilet.

Also exists for medium to abundant flows (normal), for abundant flows (super), and for very abundant flows (super plus).

See the manual for more information.

The package insert in the tampon box contains important information about Menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome (M.T.S.), a rare but serious disease. For your hygiene and health, please read it and keep it in a safe place.


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