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Weleda Toothpaste Gel for Child 2 x 50ml

Weleda Toothpaste Gel for Child 2 x 50ml
99 704 704 р.
Бонусные баллы: 35
Производитель: Weleda
Доступность: 99
Код товара: WTG-17407
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Resulting from the close cooperation with dentists, Weleda Toothpaste Gel for Child 2 x 50ml has been especially formulated for the baby teeth. Thanks to the silicic acid, very soft, it ensures an effective brushing while respecting enamel of the teeth. In daily brushing, it helps to fight against the dental plaque responsible for the formation of the decays.

The extract of calendula, known for its calming and lenitive properties, preserves the gums.
Its pleasant taste, obtained thanks to natural essential oils, its beautiful yellow colour orange and its texture-freezing make of it a toothpaste particularly appreciated of the children. Its natural formula does not present any risk in the event of ingestion.
Like the whole of the Weleda toothpastes, this one does not contain fluorinated derivatives. A balanced food guaranties to the organisation the contribution fluorine necessary to the hardening of enamel of the teeth.

Compatible with the homeopathic treatments. Controlled natural cosmetics BDIH.
Preservatives free, dyes free, synthesis fragrance free.
Not tested on the animals.


For an optimal effectiveness, the brushing of the teeth must be carried out during 2 to 3 minutes after each meal, while always going from the gum towards the tooth.


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