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Plic Dental EclaWhite Whitening and Protection Complete Kit

Plic Dental EclaWhite Whitening and Protection Complete Kit
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Plic Dental EclaWithe Whitening and Protection Complete Kit for teeth whitening. It includes :

- EclaWhite Dental Whitening Gel 4 ml, gel containing a natural prebiotic that stimulates the development of useful bacteria in the oral cavity and prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It deposits hydroxyapatite, a natural calcium crystal that makes up 97% of the dental enamel layer, on the dental surface. The brush contains gel for 21 sessions. It allows the gel to be deposited homogeneously on the teeth, which is essential to obtain an equal whiteness for all teeth. It is less effective in case of prosthesis, crown or other implant. Cosmetic product in compliance with the EC/1223/2009 standard. Gel guaranteed 3 years after manufacture and 6 months after opening. Gel without hydrogen peroxide or carbonate powder.

- EclaWhite Gutter is a gutter with Led light designed to transform the hydroxyapatite in the gel into a protective layer. Once formed, the crystal layer reflects the light and gives the teeth a homogeneous whiteness and shine. The energy supplied to the gutter by a smartphone is controlled and dosed by the integrated Time-Switch.

- 3 adapters (USB Micro B, USB type C, USB Ligntining - (IPhone)),

- 1 notice.

Without abrasive substances.


Brush your teeth before use. Rinse mouth thoroughly.

Apply a total of 2 drops evenly to all upper teeth and 2 drops to all lower teeth.

Place the tray between the teeth, gently closing the teeth in the tray.

Turn on the gutter by pushing the button on the switch.

Keep your head slightly tilted back so that the saliva stays at the back of your mouth.

Wait 15 minutes and at the sound signal, remove the gutter. Brush your teeth.

Disconnect the gutter from the smartphone and wash it in cold water to avoid damaging it.

It is advisable to repeat this session for more or less 2 weeks, depending on the satisfaction of the result.

Store at room temperature or between 10 and 25°C.

Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

Do not use in case of dental or oral disease.


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