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Urgo Mouthwash Mouth Ulcers and Oral Lesions 150ml

Urgo Mouthwash Mouth Ulcers and Oral Lesions 150ml
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Производитель: Urgo
Доступность: 21
Код товара: UMM-19664
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Urgo Mouthwash Mouth Ulcers and Oral Lesions 150ml is a fast-acting protective preparation of the oral mucosa based on 0.25% hyaluronic acid.

This mouthwash is indicated:

  • In prevention, to preserve the integrity of the oral mucosa.
  • In protection to indirectly promote the physiological process of repairing mucosal lesions, regardless of the cause:
    • odonto-stomato-logical interventions such as scaling,
    • removable dentures and dental appliances,
    • lesions of the oral mucosa and gums due to various causes (burns, infectious, following contusions, pharmacological), in particular lesions of the mucosa of the oropharynx

It is also indicated as a protective and adjuvant agent in the treatment of canker sores as it relieves pain and promotes healing.


Read the instructions before use.

Mouthwash and, if indicated, also gargle with 5 - 10ml of product (see graduations on the measuring cup), depending on the severity of the lesions or the doctor's indication
The application must be done at least 3 times a day in order to maintain the protective film on the area to be treated.

It is recommended to use the product after meals and after oral hygiene
If necessary, the application can be repeated during the day, taking care to space out food intake appropriately to maintain the effectiveness of the composition on the oral mucosa.

Suspend treatment in case of irritation or hypersensitivity to the product, consulting a doctor if the symptoms persist.
The functionality and safety of the product are guaranteed exclusively by the perfect condition of the primary packaging. Close the bottle immediately after use.

Keep out of reach of children. The product has not been tested on children.


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