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Elmex Junior Dental Kit 6-12 Years Old

Elmex Junior Dental Kit 6-12 Years Old
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Elmex Junior Dental Kit 6-12 Years Old is a dental kit to make tooth brushing fun. It contains :

- Elmex Junior Toothpaste75ml is a toothpaste that helps to effectively protect against cavities. Based on Olafluor amine fluoride in the appropriate dosage (1400 ppm F) for the child's age, it immediately forms a protective mineral barrier on the teeth. Thus, the teeth are strengthened and thus protected against bacterial acid attacks that cause cavities. Its taste is pleasant and sweet.

- Elmex Soft Toothbrush Junior 6-12 Years Old is a brush with a small head with X-shaped bristles, specially developed to facilitate the thorough cleaning of mixed teeth, in particular difficult to access new molars and erupting teeth. Its longer X-shaped strands for effective cleaning of teeth even in interdental spaces. It offers gentle cleaning thanks to the rounded ends of the strands. Its ergonomic handle allows a better grip.

- Boule et Bill Case decorated with famous cartoon characters is offered. Ideal for putting your little treasures in or for a fun back to school!


It is recommended to change your toothbrush every 3 months and to brush your teeth after each meal and to see your dentist regularly.

Toothpaste: Use a pea-sized amount under adult supervision to minimize ingestion.

If fluoride is being added from other sources, consult a dentist or physician.

Brush: not intended for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is required for children under 8 years of age. Do not bite or chew. Do not use as a toy.


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