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Elmex Dental Kit Children

Elmex Dental Kit Children
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Бонусные баллы: 53
Производитель: Elmex
Доступность: 29
Код товара: EDK-14922
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Elmex Dental Kit Children is a kit destined for children from the first tooth. Indeed, baby tooth deserve the best protection and the best cares as they reserve the spaces for definitive teeth and condition their good health.

This kit contains:

- Elmex Soft 2 Toothbrushes Beginner Aged 0-3 designed to meet the needs of young children, has been developed to allow a respectful, gentle and caring cleaning of young chlidren milk teeth.

The flexible strands with rounded ends respect young children fragile gums and clean effectively and gently.

The small head, covered with a non-traumatic material, is specially adapted to the mouth of babies and young children, upon the first milk tooth.

The ergonomic handle was designed for the child's hand, and to enable parents to guide brushing.

- Elmex Child Toothpaste 50ml is specially formulated to preserve and protect your child's milk teeth from the very first one and up to the age of 6 years-old.

Olafluor amino-fluorine quickly fixes on the enamel to form a protective layer; it makes teeth more resistant to mineral losses related to decays, and stimulates the remineralisation of enamel.

With a adapted rate of fluorine for children and milk teeth, Elmex Child Toothpaste is recommended for the greatest protection and care of milk teeth.

- Elmex Cup with the image of Elmy, the little mouse mascot and "teacher" of oral health.


Brush with a small quantity of toothpaste of the size of a pea, once a day during 6 months to 3 years and twice a day from 3 to 6 years.


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