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Inava Mono Compact 4 Interdental Brushes

Inava Mono Compact 4 Interdental Brushes
30 503 503 р.
Бонусные баллы: 25
Производитель: Inava
Доступность: 30
Код товара: IMC-17327
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Inava Mono Compact 4 Interdental Brushes are designed to effectively remove dental plaque deposited between the teeth.
Its flexible shaft up to 90°C and resistant allows a better access to the difficult zones and a facility of insertion by the lingual surface. The strands are of two tones (white strands reveal sensitive gums in case of bleeding, black strands provide better visibility when removing the plaque). The ergonomic and rigid handle has a non-slip surface that provides excellent grip. The plastic coated stem allows for gentle cleaning.

Because the interdental spaces are not all the same size, they are proposed in several sizes identified by different colors.

- 4 black brushes (0.6mm)
- 4 blue brushes (0.8mm)
- 4 yellow brushes (1mm)
- 4 orange brushes (1.2mm)
- 4 red brushes (1.5mm)
- 4 purple brushes (1.8mm)
- 4 green brushes (2.2mm)
- 4 grey brushes (2.6mm)

Tight interdental space:
- black: 0.6mm (ISO 0)
- blue: 0.8mm (ISO 1)
- yellow: 1 mm (ISO 2)
- orange: 1.2 mm (ISO 3).

Large interdental space:
- red: 1.5mm (ISO 4)
- purple: 1.8mm (ISO 5).

Very large interdental space:
- green: 2.2mm (ISO 6)
- grey: 2.6mm (ISO 7).


The brush right size depends on the interdental space. Therefore, you will certainly have to use several sizes of brushes. The best way to determine which sizes correspond to you is to ask your dentist for advice.

Gently pass the brush between your teeth without forcing into tight interdental spaces. Rinse the brush after each use with water or an antiseptic mouthwash.


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