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Dentaid Interprox Mini 6 Brushes

Dentaid Interprox Mini 6 Brushes
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Производитель: Dentaid
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Код товара: DIM-14899
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Dentaid Interprox Mini 6 Brushes are brushes developed to eliminate the oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) that accumulates in interproximal spaces.

The form of the brush allows a perpendicular access to interdental spaces without damaging your gums. You will be able to perform a brushing of the space between the teeth to eliminate the dental plaque and and to prevent from gums problems. The strands in Tynex in black and white are of high quality and offer a better gums care.

The protective cap is attached to the handle perfectly to serve expansion and reach the posterior areas of the mouth.

This brush is indicated for interdental spaces of 1,1mm. It can be used also by patients with orthodontic appliances, implants and fixed prostheses.


Ask to your dentist what is the width of your interproximal space and which brush you need to use.

The brush should be introduced comfortably, so that the filaments, and not the rod are in contact with your teeth. Made this movement of back and forth without turning the brush. The handle can be sent to obtain the appropriate angle.

If the shaft rubs against the gums or folds, use a brush with a lower PHD.


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