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Ricqlès Anti-Spotting Gum

Ricqlès Anti-Spotting Gum
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Производитель: Ricqlès
Доступность: 53
Код товара: RAG-17315
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Ricqlès Anti-Spotting Gum is a gum designed to promote the removal of external stains and discolouration caused by tea, coffee, wine and nicotine.

- Precision: its profiled exfoliating tip allows for targeted and effective cleaning.

- Practicality: the use is done in a simple and quick gesture.

- Shine: the gum promotes the shine of the teeth.


Rinse with water before use.

Before using stain gum, be sure to wash and rinse your teeth thoroughly.

Gently rub the gum on the teeth with small movements and rotating it regularly.

Insist a little longer on the most stubborn stains.

Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Do not use more than once a week.

Do not use when the exfoliating tip is worn.

Do not insist or press too hard during use.

Do not use on bare roots.

If some stains persist, consult a dentist.

The use of stain gum is not a substitute for regular tooth brushing.

Keep out of the reach of children.


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