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Buccotherm Chewing-Gum with Thermal Water 20 Tablets

Buccotherm Chewing-Gum with Thermal Water 20 Tablets
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Производитель: Buccotherm
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Код товара: BCT-17376
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Buccotherm Chewing-Gum with Thermal Water 20 Tablets are sugar-free chewing-gums with sweeteners, with a basis of Castéra Verduzan Thermal Spring Water, mint and xylitol, brings a fresh breath and contributes to stop acid attacks, risk factor for the development of cavities.

The effect is obtained chewing during 20 minutes after each meal.

Recommended by the Union Française de Santé Bucco-Dentaire.


Take a chewing-um after each food intake.

Do not consume more than 5 gums a day. Excessive intake may result by laxative effects.

To consume as a part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

The use of this chewing gum does not dispense with measures to prevent tooth decay such as regular brushing of teeth, monitoring by a dentist, moderate consumption of sweets.


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