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Fixodent Pro Professional 40g

Fixodent Pro Professional 40g
34 819 819 р.
Бонусные баллы: 41
Производитель: Fixodent
Доступность: 34
Код товара: FPP-17350
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Fixodent Pro Professional 40g is an adhesive cream for total and partial dentures.

Its enriched formula offers you better fixation*, better protection of the gums* as well as its antibacterial action* to allow you to live with confidence and spontaneity.

Its tube is equipped with a thin tip to promote the application of the cream with precision.

* Best technologies within the Fixodent range.


Read the instructions before use.

  1. Clean and dry your denture before applying the adhesive cream.
  2. Apply the adhesive cream in fine and continuous lines as indicated on the leaflet, or less. You?ll probably have to do some testing before you find the right amount.
  3. Insert the denture and hold it in place for a few seconds. When putting in the mouth, if the product overflows it means that you have put too much.
  4. To remove your denture, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water, move the denture until it comes off.

Do not use more adhesive cream than indicated. Do not use more than once a day.  When used normally, a tube should last at least 4 to 5 weeks. Do not use excess product if the prosthesis is not adjusted properly. Do not use more than indicated.

Contains zinc. Consult a physician if you are already using other products containing zinc.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Keep out of reach of young children.


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