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Hydralin Gyn Irritation + Hydralin Daily 200ml

Hydralin Gyn Irritation + Hydralin Daily 200ml
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Бонусные баллы: 91
Производитель: Hydralin
Доступность: 55
Код товара: HGI-17679
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Hydralin Gyn Irritation 200ml + Hydralin Daily 200ml is a duo of treatments indicated for the hygiene of the intimate area which can be altered or weakened by hormonal changes or imbalances.

- Hydralin Gyn Irritation 200ml is a calming cleansing gel used for the balance of the intimate area which can be altered by hormonal changes, by taking an antibiotic treatment, etc ... This imbalance of the flora can result in the abnormal increase of a fungus, naturally present in the vagina, called Candida albicans and causing vulvovaginal yeast infection. used to calm the inconveniences of the intimate area. This solution provides lasting relief (up to 12 hours) of the inconveniences caused by certain germs. Thus, it helps calm the intimate area prone to irritation and brings intimate comfort throughout the day thanks to its formulation of Glycocolle, amino acid recognized for its calming properties and its adapted pH which helps to fight against excess of acidity favorable to the development of certain microscopic fungi in the intimate area. Paraben-free, dye-free, preservative-free.

- Hydralin Daily 200ml is a washing gel indicated to take care of the intimate area. Indeed, the intimate flora is a fragile environment permanently subjected to disturbances which can unbalance it (clothes that are too tight, the sea, irritating shower gels, stress, periods, sexual relations ...). It avoids any inconvenience and gently preserves the balance of intimate flora thanks to Lotus extract recognized for its softening properties and its physiological pH suitable for daily use.

Tested under gynecological supervision.


Use just like a liquid soap during personal toilet. Rinse thoroughly with water after application.

External use.


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