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Hydralin Dryness 2 x 200 ml Batch 20% Off The Second

Hydralin Dryness 2 x 200 ml Batch 20% Off The Second
22 2005 2 005 р.
Бонусные баллы: 100
Производитель: Hydralin
Доступность: 22
Код товара: HDB-15380
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Hydralin Dryness 2 x 200 ml Batch 20% Off The Second with creamy and silky texture allows you to refind all the naturalness and the suppleness of your intimacy.

This cleansing cream gently cleanses and respects the fragility of the intimate zone. Used daily, it nourishes and protects from occasional feelings of dryness. It helps to preserve the acidity protective of the mucous membranes, thanks to the physiological pH (5.2) and to maintain the intimate flora's balance.

The plant-based formula is paraben-free and hypoallergenic, for a prolonged feeling of hydration thanks to:

- the Camelia Japonica : a plant recognized for its long lasting hydration properties.

- the Ceraphyl RMT : a natural-origin active ingredient, which has an effective moisturising activity.

High efficiency: tested under gynecological control.

High tolerance: without paraben, soap, hypoallergenic.

High specificity: specific formula adapted to the intimate area.


Use like a liquid soap at the time of personal hygiene and then rinse.


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