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Ballot-Flurin Black Popolis Treating Soap Organic 100g

Ballot-Flurin Black Popolis Treating Soap Organic 100g
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Бонусные баллы: 41
Производитель: Ballot-Flurin
Доступность: 28
Код товара: BBP-19817
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Ballot-Flurin Black Popolis Treating Soap Organic 100g is a superfat and moisturizing treating soap at high concentration of 38% of oil extract of black propolis from soft apiculture, maceration of olive oils, extra virgin castor and a botanical complex of herbs of Midsummer's Day Calendula and nettle from the honeydew gardens.

This soap is multi-purpose and strengthens hygiene after swimming, sports, sweating, DIY, gardening or simply for hand washing.

It allows juvenile and problem skin to obtain a clean and smooth skin. It reduces shine and blackheads.

77% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

100% of the total is of natural origin certified by Bureau Veritas according to the Cosmos Standard standard.

87% of the total product minus water and minerals are of biological origin.

Free of coconut oil, palm oil, mineral waxes and fragrance.


Soap each day, hands, nails, face and body and rinse with clean water.

For problem skin: make two soaps to nourish gently.

For long-lasting use, drain well and dry your soap after each use.


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