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NUK Perfect Night Set 6-18 Months

NUK Perfect Night Set 6-18 Months
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Производитель: NUK
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Код товара: NPN-20409
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NUK Perfect Night Set 6-18 Months is a duo pacifier and cup with luminous effect suitable for children from 6 to 18 months.

It includes:

- Nuk Freestyle Night Pacifier 6-18 Months is a soother created to help babies easily find their way to Dreamland.

Thanks to a light material that is safe for babies, it diffuses a soft glow in the dark and can be found quickly and easily, even at night.

It is also particularly soft for the delicate skin of babies thanks to its large ventilation holes and its reduced contact surface. The flat button of the lollipop has an integrated and discreet ring, easy to grasp even for the smallest hands.

The light coloured silicone material is easy to clean and particularly temperature resistant. It is free of harmful substances, boiling resistant, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface.

It is equipped with the Nuk Air System concept: a valve allows air to escape from the nipple for more flexibility and malleability, and to relieve the jaw.

- NUK Mini Magic Cup Night 160 ml 6 Months and up is an ergonomic cup suitable for every stage of child development.

The 360° edge encourages and causes drinking on all sides, almost like a normal cup, but it cannot leak because a silicone disc ensures sealing inside.

Thanks to its ergonomic handles, even small fingers and hands can hold it effortlessly. To keep it clean and safe everywhere, an extra lid protects it.

As it shines in the dark, it is very easy to find it. Simply place it under a lamp or in sunlight so that the special material stores the energy and restores it in the form of a soft glow (luminous effect up to 8 hours).

Set conforming to the European safety standard EN 1400 and EN 14350.

Without BPA.


NUK cups and end caps are only compatible with NUK cups and end caps from the corresponding range.

Read warnings and instructions carefully inside.

Keep product information and item code, batch number for future use.


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