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Avent Bendy Straw Cup 200 ml 9 Months and +

Avent Bendy Straw Cup 200 ml 9 Months and +
17 1035 1 035 р.
Бонусные баллы: 52
Производитель: Avent
Доступность: 17
Код товара: ABS-17975
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Avent Bendy Straw Cup 200 ml 9 Months and + is an ergonomically shaped cup ideal for active young children to learn to drink independently. It offers several advantages:

  • it allows healthy oral development and exercises the muscles of the mouth in order to strengthen them ;
  • the lower part of the straw is curved in order to reach the last drop so as to allow the child to drink while maintaining a natural position ;
  • the integrated anti-leaks valve prevents accidents and the flap protects the straw and prevents leakage during transport;
  • its handles integrated into the cup are ergonomically designed to allow small hands to hold it easily ;
  • the soft and flexible straw is gum-friendly and its lightness and small size make it ideal for learning to drink through a straw;
  • its simplicity to assembly and disassembly with parts that are all dishwasher-compatible for  an easy use;
  • its compatibility with the Natural and Classic bottle ranges.

It is not suitable for hot or soft drinks.

0% EPS.


Wash before first use.

Check its condition regularly before giving it to the child.


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