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MAM Comfort Silicone Soother 0+ months + Sterilization Box

MAM Comfort Silicone Soother 0+ months + Sterilization Box
17 704 704 р.
Бонусные баллы: 35
Производитель: MAM
Доступность: 17
Код товара: MCS-18046
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MAM Comfort Silicone Soother 0+ months + Sterilization Box is designed specifically for newborns.

MAM Comfort Soother is entirely made of silicone*.  It is therefore particularly hygienic and easy to clean.

The extra-soft silicone offers a feeling of softness on the baby's skin, for a soothing and natural suction.

Its advantages:

  • 100% safety and comfort for your newborn.
  • Improved hygiene thanks to a monobloc design.
  • Extra-light 32% lighter** than other monobloc silicone pacifiers: it is easier to hold for baby.
  • The orthodontic teat is very small.
  • It soothes and calms baby.
  • Delivered in its practical transport and sterilization box.

*The type of high-quality silicone was tested on the final product and proved to be 100% safe for babies.

**Scientific reports from the WILD Hi-Precision Institute (Austria) confirm that the MAM Comfort pacifier is 32% lighter than the average weight of the other monobloc silicone pacifiers tested.

Weight measured: 10.3 g - 16.6 g.

The portable sterilization box is microwaved to sterilize the soother. This also saves 77% energy and CO2.

Soother without BPA-BPS.


The MAM sterilization and transport box can be microwaved.

For a pacifier: Add water, place the pacifier and microwave 3 min.

The soother remains sterile for 48 hours until the box is opened.

read the instructions for use.


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