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Difrax Pacifier Handkerchief 0 Months +

Difrax Pacifier Handkerchief 0 Months +
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Бонусные баллы: 34
Производитель: Difrax
Доступность: 4
Код товара: DPH-18110
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Difrax Pacifier Handkerchief 0 Months +  is a pacifier handkerchief. It is a small piece of soft and comforting fabric that attaches to a pacifier.  The different fabrics, colors and structures make the handkerchief particularly interesting for your child. The ideal solution for cuddling and pampering toddlers. This makes it easier for your child to find his pacifier. A great advantage of the pacifier tissue is that the day your child abandons the pacifier, the pacifier tissue remains a source of comfort, your toddler is indeed used to it.


Check seam strength regularly.

This pacifier handkerchief can only be attached to clothing.

This product should only be used under the supervision of an adult.

Do not use this product in the cradle or small bed.

This product should not be used as a toy or chewing game.

For your child?s safety:

Be careful, check all the pacifier tissue before each use.

Throw it away at the first signs of wear and tear.

Never clump the pacifier tissue.

Never attach to ropes, ribbons, laces or separate clothing items.

Your child could strangle himself.

Store the cord with hot water (30°C) and detergent.

Do not leave this product directly exposed to sunlight.

Do not boil this product.


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