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Green Tribu Ecological Diapers 22 Diapers Size 4 (7-18 kg)

Green Tribu Ecological Diapers 22 Diapers Size 4 (7-18 kg)
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Производитель: Green Tribu
Доступность: 2
Код товара: GTE-15435
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Green Tribu Ecological Diapers 22 Diapers Size 4 (7-18 kg) are hypoallergenic diapers offering up to 12 hours of absorption. They are equipped with :

  • an ultra-soft surface veil made of vegetable fibres;
  • an ultra-absorbent core holding up to 30 times its weight in pee;
  • an anatomical ultra soft cushion made of FSC ® and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) certified natural cellulose;
  • a double leakage barrier with 100% natural bio-sourced vegetable fibre materials.

Dermatologically tested.

Without any of the 26 allergens listed by the European Union.

Chlorine free. Fragrance-free. No lotion. No pesticides. No glyphosate. No AMPA. Latex-free.

Made in France.


Spread the side rails before changing baby.

No disposable eco-diaper is 100% biodegradable. Do not throw the diaper in the nature or in the toilet.

Keep this sachet out of the reach of children to prevent choking.

Store in a dry place.


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