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Cottony Nappies with Organic Cotton 38 Nappies Size 2 (3-6kg)

Cottony Nappies with Organic Cotton 38 Nappies Size 2 (3-6kg)
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Бонусные баллы: 70
Производитель: Cottony
Доступность: 22
Код товара: CNO-17910
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Cottony Nappies with Organic Cotton 38 Nappies Size 2 (3-6kg) are diapers created to respect baby's fragile skin and ensure optimal absorption.

They are equipped with a protective veil 100% organic cotton guaranteed without chlorine, without additives and pesticides. Naturally breathable, with very high absorbency, comfortable and hypoallergenic, it provides ideal protection for baby's sensitive and delicate skin. In addition, it helps prevent irritation and prevents maceration. It thus offers extreme softness and flexibility.

The micro-perforated outer layer is made of extremely soft and breathable non-woven fabric. Its cut is ultra-comfortable thanks to the adjustable waist closure. Side rails cover the entire length of the diaper to prevent leakage.

Tested under dermatological control. Hypoallergenic.

Without perfume, chlorine, paraben, petroleum jelly.


Change the nappy as often as necessary.

Keep plastic bags and diapers out of the reach of children to avoid the risk of suffocation.


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