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Bum diapers Day/night Insert 5 Layers One Size 0 to 3 Years

Bum diapers Day/night Insert 5 Layers One Size 0 to 3 Years
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Производитель: Bum diapers
Доступность: 7
Код товара: BDI-15438
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Bum Diapers Day/night Insert 5 Layers One Size 0 to 3 Years, is a super absorbent insert for day, nap and night.

The insert is the absorbent part of the cloth diaper, without it it doesn't work!

It is composed of 5 layers that give it a super absorbent power, all in finesse. Ultra comfortable for baby, it is soft and supple. With each wash, it will become more and more absorbent! It's one size fits all, no need to change the size of your insert, it automatically adjusts itself in baby's diaper, no matter what height adjustment you have made.

The brand uses bamboo fibre which is woven raw fibre and not viscose, which is the result of a chemical process and forms an alloy composed mainly of polyester.

Certified Oekotex/Cotton Organic Fabrics.

2 year warranty.

Made in France.


Maintenance :

Machine washable at 30°, 40° or 60°.

The brand recommends washing at 30° or 40° daily, reserve the wash at higher temperatures for more occasional washing.
Dryer allowed.


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