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Sophie la Girafe So'Pure Soft Teething Ring 0 Month and +

Sophie la Girafe So'Pure Soft Teething Ring 0 Month and +
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Производитель: Sophie la Girafe
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Код товара: SGS-20200
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Sophie la Girafe So'Pure Soft Teething Ring 0 Month and + is a perfect teething ring to relieve baby during the difficult period of teething. This model is the flexible version.

It is made of 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of rubber trees, a healthy, natural, soft and supple material.
Both healthy and natural for baby, and equipped with many parts to chew on (ears, horns, legs and ring), it will please baby and will be ideal for relieving him during his teething.
The different textures of the two rings allow baby to choose and chew the one that suits him best according to his age and his desires to relieve his sore gums more quickly. It features ridged surfaces for growing teeth and rounded pimples to relieve the gums.

Lightweight and equipped with two rings, it is easy to handle for little hands.

It is presented in a lovely box made of recyclable materials, with a transparent window, adorned with a Sophie la Girafe ribbon.


Clean the surface of this toy with soapy water using a damp cloth.

Details and colors of content may vary. Packaging and instructions to be kept as they contain important information. Be sure to remove all packaging and ties before use.

Do not sterilize. Before each use, carefully examine the product, especially when the child has teeth. Pull the product in all directions. Throw it away at the slightest sign of deterioration or brittleness. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or near a heat source. Like all products for babies, this toy should be used under adult supervision.


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