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NUK Cooling Tooth Ring Rabbit 3 Months and +

NUK Cooling Tooth Ring Rabbit 3 Months and +
13 819.38 819.38 р.
Бонусные баллы: 41
Производитель: NUK
Доступность: 13
Код товара: NCT-18159
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NUK Cooling Tooth Ring Rabbit 3 Months and + is a ring with raised parts to massage the palate and gums of babies.

It is cooling to relieve the gums and ergonomically designed to reach the posterior teeth and molars.

With its playful, easy-to-grip design, the ring stimulates the sense of touch.

The cap allows baby to hold the ring without being cold.

Complies with EN71.


Before your child can use the teething rings, remove the packaging completely and clean them thoroughly with very hot water (max. 60°C).

Do not disinfect teething rings in a microwave. Do not sterilize in a steam sterilizer. Do not boil, as this will deform the product. Cool only in a refrigerator. Do not place in the freezer compartment.

Teething rings are not dishwasher safe. Risk of damage to the product.

Always check the strength and wear of the teething rings before each use. Use under adult supervision. Replace teething rings immediately at the first signs of deterioration.


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