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ProRhinel Baby Nose Blower + 2 Soft Nozzles

ProRhinel Baby Nose Blower + 2 Soft Nozzles
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Производитель: ProRhinel
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Код товара: PBN-19011
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ProRhinel Baby Nose Blower + 2 Soft Nozzles is a device for newborns, infants and children, which clears the nose by gently evacuating nasal secretions.

Its ergonomic shape and texture ensure a good grip.

It is comfortable for the nose thanks to its soft tip adapted to the baby?s nose. Each nozzle is composed of an absorbent filter that blocks the mucus in the device and ensures hygiene.

Easy to use and hygienic, the nose blower helps the baby catch a cold to breathe, eat, sleep normally and feel better.  The evacuation of nasal secretions prevents the risk of cold complications such as ear infections (ear infections), sinus infections (sinusitis) or coughing. It also improves the quality of baby?s sleep during a cold.

Without bisphenol A.


  1. Before using the nose blower, wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Place a soft nasal tip on the body of the device. Do not assemble with a used nose tip.
  3. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth (parent, caregiver) and then place the tip of the nose tip in one of the baby's nostrils. To increase the performance of the device, it is recommended to keep the other nostril blocked during suction.
  4. Inhale gently and regularly through the mouthpiece.
  5. If the nasal tip is too full between 2 breaths, change the tip.
  6. Do the same for the other nostril.
  7. Remove the used nasal tip and discard it. Wash the mouthpiece and body of the appliance after use under hot water and dry it. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Read the instruction manual on the back of the box.

This product is intended for people who are not able to blow their nose such as newborns, infants and young children.

However, it is advisable to seek advice from a health professional before using it in the newborn.

Do not store below 0°C or above 30°C.


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