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Humer Baby Nose Blower + 4 Extra Flexible Disposable Nozzles

Humer Baby Nose Blower + 4 Extra Flexible Disposable Nozzles
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Бонусные баллы: 37
Производитель: Humer
Доступность: 31
Код товара: HBN-19593
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Humer Baby Nose Blower + 4 Extra Flexible Disposable Nozzles is a hygienic and ergonomic medical device created to safely and effectively evacuate by suction, nasal secretions and mucus of baby nostrils. Each nozzle contains an absorbent filter that retains mucus, ensuring optimal hygiene.

This medical device is recommended in case of : colds, sinusitis, and every other pathologies causing excessive nasal secretions. It allows baby to breathe normally and feel better.


  • Place the nozzle in the body of the baby nose blower.
  • Place the end of the nozzle into one of baby's nostrils and inhale slowly and regularly at the other end.
  • Repeat the same operation for the other nostril with the same soft tip.
  • Remove the soft tip from the body of the baby nose blower and discard it.
  • If the tip fills up completely due to significant nasal secretions, use a new soft tip.
  • The soft tip should be discarded after each use to avoid any risk of infection.

It is recommended to apply a spray of seawater beforehand, thus increasing the fluidity of the mucosity and promoting its expulsion by aspiration.

This baby nose blower can only be used with Humer disposable soft tips.

Used tips to throw away.


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