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Mustela Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas

Mustela Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas
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Производитель: Mustela
Доступность: 10
Код товара: MSS-10412
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Mustela Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas is a soothing pajamas, with 100% cotton and with a formula encapsulated with 100% natural ingredients, to help improve baby sleep.

The first soothing under pajamas Stelatopia combines:

- a 100% cotton textile designed for atopic skin.
- an Oeko-Tex certified 100 standard textile: European label imposing strict controls that guarantee skin safety by banning the use of harmful chemical substances.
- external seams: this makes it possible to limit scratching.
- a textile adapted to the growth of the child: roll-up sleeves and feet, American collar.

- a formula with Sunflower Oleodistillate: with soothing properties, which provides the essential lipids for the construction of the skin barrier, avocado oil: which helps to strengthen and protect the hydrolipidic film to promote the restoration of the altered skin barrier in patients skins with atopic tendency, but also ceramides: which help to restore the cutaneous barrier, squalane: a natural emollient, similar to certain cutaneous lipids, vitamin E: antioxidant.

This skin pajamas is developed in partnership with the French Institute of Textile and Clothing and takes into account the studies of the measurements of babies, children: stature, weight, waist, back, chest, arms....

Thanks to its anti-scratch effect, the soothing skin pajamas Stelatopia improves the sleep of atopic children from 7 days.

Tested under dermatological and pediatric control. High cutaneous tolerance. Hypoallergenic. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Formula 0% perfume, paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol.

6-12 Months: 67-74cm.
12 - 24 Months : 74-86cm.

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