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Soframar Fashy Water Bottle Warmer Velvet Sheath 2L

Soframar Fashy Water Bottle Warmer Velvet Sheath 2L
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Бонусные баллы: 101
Производитель: Soframar
Доступность: 1
Код товара: SFW-18129
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Soframar Fashy Water Bottle Warmer Velvet Sheath 2L is a thermoplastic hot water bottle with a capacity of 2 liters, it can be used with hot water but also as a cold compress.

The velvet sheath provides softness during use.

The hot water bottle is made of thermoplastic, a material which has many advantages over the rubber hot water bottle.

It is odorless and can be used as a hot or cold compress.

Durability over time, the material does not deteriorate. In addition, for your safety, the Fashy thermoplastic hot water bottle is molded in one go, no glue, no seal at the neck.

the little extra: its extra large opening of 29 mm.

Ideal for people allergic to latex.

The Fashy hot water bottle is a class 1 medical device.

Here are the benefits of heat:

Anti-stress, relaxing effect, relaxation of muscle contractures, menstrual pain, intestinal disorders (infant colic).


Fill the hot water bottle with hot water (but not boiling) 2/3 max, holding it vertically.
Evacuate the residual air and screw on the cap.
Check the seal and replace the hot water bottle in its hot water bottle cover.

Read carefully the instructions before use.
Avoid contact with hot, pointed, sharp surfaces, oil, grease and sunlight.
Do not use in the event of feverish illnesses, inflammation, reduced nervous sensitivity, temperature sensitivity disorders, large skin lesions or affections, in the event of chronic venous insufficiency.
Do not put in the microwave or in the oven.
Store in a cool, dry place away from light.


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