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Soframar Cozy Cuddly Toys Hippo Doc Warmer

Soframar Cozy Cuddly Toys Hippo Doc Warmer
24 1969.38 1 969.38 р.
Бонусные баллы: 98
Производитель: Soframar
Доступность: 24
Код товара: SCC-15578
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Soframar Cozy Cuddly Toys Hippo Doc Warmer is a pretty warmer about 30cm high intended for children from birth.

It is composed of wheat seedsand French lavender flowers.

It meets European standards.

It weighs more or less 1kg.

It will bring well-being and comfort and all the benefits of thermotherapy:

- Anti-stress effect, relaxing, relaxation of muscle contractures, menstrual pain, intestinal disorders (infant colic).


Place the hot water bottle in the microwave and warm it up:

600-800 watt = 90 seconds.

850-1000 watt = 60 seconds.

Reheat only when the hot water bottle is at room temperature.

Heat only in the microwave following the instructions in the manual. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use. Keep the instructions.

The hot water bottle is 100% microwaveable, non-detachable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth on the surface.

It is important to let the hot water bottle plush dry for several hours before reusing it.

The hot water bottle cannot be soaked because it is made of wheat and French lavender.


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