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Medela Quick Clean Bottle Brush

Medela Quick Clean Bottle Brush
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Производитель: Medela
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Код товара: MQC-20895
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Medela Quick Clean Bottle Brush is an ideal accessory for a thorough and gentle cleaning of bottles and teats. It offers many advantages:

  • Unique 180° bristle orientation prevents splashing to clean without making a mess. It protects glass and plastic from scratches.
  • The flexible head with 180° embossed bristles adjusts to the contours of your bottle to reach every nook and cranny.
  • The spiral edges of the nipple brush remove residue from hard-to-reach corners of nipples and breast pump parts.
  • The brush is placed vertically on its base to dry quickly and hygienically.

BPA free.


Wash before first use.

This item is not a toy, keep out of reach of babies and children.

Do not microwave, boil or steam. Top rack dishwasher safe. Replace every 30-45 days or at first sign of wear.


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