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NUK First Choice Teat Teat for Cleft Lip

NUK First Choice Teat Teat for Cleft Lip
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Бонусные баллы: 56
Производитель: NUK
Доступность: 25
Код товара: NFC-19257
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NUK First Choice Teat Teat for Cleft Lip  is a teat for cleft lip at medium piercing (infant formula). It can be used by children with a hare?s beak and/or cleft jaw and/or cleft palate. It has been developed for children with a one-sided (one-sided) or artificial palate and in some exceptional cases also for children with a bilateral palace and an artificial palate.  This teat covers the entire curvature of the palate and thus plugs the slit. Thus, the infant may exert a small intraoral pressure on the lip/mouth hole. This teat therefore allows feeding to the bottle, and satisfies the need for sucking.

With the use of this new teat for cleft palate or hare beak, contrary to what is observed with other feeding methods, the Nuk brand notes a decrease in frequently observed symptoms, such as swallowing in a crooked manner, regurgitation or even vomiting.  Its use does not cause any problems in case of pre-operation or orthopedics of the palate. This specific Nuk teat was developed in collaboration with scientists.  The form and function has been successfully tested in several clinics. It was designed according to the model of the classic teat Nuk and has no character of prosthesis.

The teat adapts to Nuk first Choise & Nuk New classic bottles.

This product complies with EN 14350.

Contains: 1 teat + 1 screw ring.


Sterilize teat and screw ring before first use, boil for 5 minutes using enough water so items are not damaged.

For hygiene reasons, clean thoroughly with mild dishwashing liquid before any new use.

This product should always be used under the supervision of an adult.

Do not put the teat in the dishwasher, the cleaning agent could damage it.

Never use a bottle teat as a lollipop.Continuous and prolonged feeding of liquids can lead to dental caries. This applies in particular to sugary liquids or fruit or vegetable juices.

Always check the temperature of the food before feeding.Before each use, check the wear of the teat by stretching it in all directions, especially for children with teeth.

Replace the teat if it is sticky, visibly damaged, or if there are cracks or bites, to prevent particles from being swallowed.

For safety and hygiene reasons, replace the teat after 1 to 2 months of use.

Do not expose the bottle teat directly to sunlight or heat, or leave it in a disinfectant (sterilization solution) for longer than the prescribed time, otherwise it will be damaged.

Do not immerse yourself in sugary substances or medications.

Store in a dry and dark place.

Produced from natural rubber latex that can cause allergic reactions.


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