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Suavinex Care Zero.Zero Follow-On Set 270ml

Suavinex Care Zero.Zero Follow-On Set 270ml
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Производитель: Suavinex
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Код товара: SCZ-15499
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Suavinex Care Zero.Zero Follow-On Set 270ml is a special set for breastfeeding babies.

It contains:

  • 1 x 270 ml Zero.Zero anti-colic bottle with medium flow teat,
  • 1 spare medium flow teat,
  • 1 replacement silicone anti-colic pouch.


The design of the teat is based on scientific studies, it mimics the maternal nipple in shape, length and touch, as never before a teat had done. This minimizes the confusion between the teat and nipple, allowing the breastfed baby in mixed to easily return to the breast without refusing it, and the breastfed baby to accept the breast more naturally. The average flow of the teat allows all kinds of medium density liquids to pass through.

The anti-colic pouch:

Fruit of the simple observation of nature, the close patented anti-colic contracts as the baby sucks, as do the mammary glands. The pocket does not need outside air to compensate for the vacuum that occurs inside, which is why there are no bubbles. This helps to prevent baby?s gaseous colic, while preventing air from oxidizing milk and destroying nutrients.


Instructions for use inside.


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