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NUK Starter Set First Choice+ 0 to 6 Months

NUK Starter Set First Choice+ 0 to 6 Months
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Бонусные баллы: 150
Производитель: NUK
Доступность: 5
Код товара: NSS-19255
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NUK Starter Set First Choice+ 0 to 6 Months is a set that contains 4 First Choice + anti-colic bottles + its white storage basket:

  • 2 Nuk First Choice + wide neck PP baby bottles 150ml with anti-colic silicone teat size 1 (0-6 months), S * (fine piercing).
  • 2 Nuk First Choice baby bottles + wide neck in PP 300ml with anti-colic silicone teat size 1 (0-6 months), M ** (medium piercing).

The physiological shape of the teat mimics the shape of the breast during feeding. The front of the teat follows even better the movements of the baby's palate, for an even more natural feeding.

The anti-colic Air System valve provides natural flow, helping babies to drink without swallowing air. 99% of mothers confirm that Nuk First Choice + bottles do not cause colic.

The Nuk Temperature Control indicator allows you to check that the contents of the bottle are not too hot. If the contents are too hot, the indicator built into the scale turns white. The optimum temperature of a bottle is that of the body temperature (37 ° C = blue indicator).

* S: Suitable for breast milk, infusions and water.
* M: Suitable for infant milks.

BPA free.

This product complies with EN 14350.


Check the temperature one last time before bottle-feeding.

For instructions for use and warnings, refer to the package leaflet (enclosed).

Keep the distributor's data as well as the product reference in the event of a complaint.


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