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MAM Easy Active 2nd Age 330ml Bottle 6 Months and +

MAM Easy Active 2nd Age 330ml Bottle 6 Months and +
35 776 776 р.
Бонусные баллы: 39
Производитель: MAM
Доступность: 35
Код товара: MEA-15472
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MAM Easy Active 2nd Age 330ml Bottle 6 Months and + suits babies from 6 months and over.

Developed with scientific and medical experts, the MAM baby bottle has a silicon teat with a unique texture -the Silk teat-, that facilitates the transition breast / baby bottle, for the baby. Soft and supple, its is familiar to baby who easily accepts the teat.

Its flow is ideal for thick liquids, adapted to babies over 6 months.

Made with plastic, it is unbreakable. Design, its shape is ergonomic, fostering the grip for baby.

0% BPA.


The first time: entirely disassemble the baby bottle and let boil the different parts during 5 minutes.
The other times: disassemble the baby bottle to clean every part. Use soap and a bottle brush or soft sponges, non abrasives to preserve the plastic. You can also wash these parts in the dishwasher but patterns can become bland. Let dry in a dry place. Check the teat before every use.


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