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Bébisol Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 300ml +6 Months Flow 3

Bébisol Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 300ml +6 Months Flow 3
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Производитель: Bébisol
Доступность: 4
Код товара: BBB-15488
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Bébisol Baby Bottle Anti-Colic 300ml +6 Months Flow 3 is a wide-necked baby bottle suitable for babies from 6 months.

Its round anti-colic teat reproduces the comfort of the breast thanks to its round shape and its soft and supple silicone. Its anti-colic valve ensures good air circulation during feeding, reduces colic and regurgitation, and ensures digestive comfort for your baby. Its wide base allows your baby to position his mouth naturally as on the breast.
For total ease of use, this bottle is equipped with :

  • a non-spill cap, allowing the baby bottle to be shaken without splashing and carried everywhere. It can be easily removed with one hand thanks to its tabs.
  • a wide neck, which makes bottle preparation easier and makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • ergonomics that makes it easy to handle and a clear and precise graduation to facilitate preparation.

This fast flow anti-colic baby bottle will be an excellent relay for breastfeeding!
Equipped with a fast flow teat (3), it is compatible with the 4 teats in the range.



Carefully read the instructions for use given in the manual.


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