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MAM 2-in-1 Milk Pump

MAM 2-in-1 Milk Pump
1 15007.50 15 007.50 р.
Бонусные баллы: 750
Производитель: MAM
Доступность: 1
Код товара: MMP-17955
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MAM 2-in-1 Milk Pump is a pack that allows dual use, manual or electric, for maximum flexibility and smooth, effective milk expression.

Discreet and silent, it has 5 hours of autonomy to be used everywhere.

This pack contains two different pumps.

The electric mode is ideal for expressing milk regularly. The battery gives you up to 5 hours of autonomy for greater freedom. You can express your milk wherever you want. Stimulation mode mimics baby's natural suckling to stimulate the flow of milk. The soft silicone nipple and 9 levels of suction intensity on the breast pump ensure maximum comfort. The display shows you all the information you need for easy use and full control of expression time.

The manual mode is ideal for use outdoors, at work or while traveling. Its design is light and simple, for easy and discreet use anywhere. Its ergonomic handle provides a good grip. The soft silicone nipple ensures comfortable feeding at all times.

It is possible to switch from electric to manual breast pump in only 2 steps.

This pack also contains two Easy Start bottles.

The Easy Start bottle with its airy base allows baby to drink as if at the breast, at his own pace. The aeration at the base of the bottle allows a fluid flow of milk, without interruption and without baby swallowing air. So baby has less colic and is more relaxed. The 2 openings allow quick and convenient cleaning and perfect hygiene. The MAM teat made of SkinSoft® silicone has an ultra-soft surface that baby instinctively recognises and a unique flat shape that is perfectly adapted to baby's mouth. The graduated measuring cap for small quantities is leak-proof and hygienic.



Read the instructions carefully.

For self-sterilization of the bottle: fill with 20ml of water and heat for 3 minutes in the microwave (500-100 watts).


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