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Orgakiddy Sterile Medical Face Mask Pouch of 10 Masks

Orgakiddy Sterile Medical Face Mask Pouch of 10 Masks
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Бонусные баллы: 35
Производитель: Orgakiddy
Доступность: 99
Код товара: OSM-18877
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Orgakiddy Sterile Medical Face Mask Pouch of 10 Masks are sterile disposable 3-folds masks with high efficiency of bacterial filtration EFB> 95% offering great respiratory comfort. They are equipped with elastic bindings and an adjustable nose bar for better support and maximum comfort.

Unique size.

Certifications: medical device, CE marking, standard EN 14683-2019 TYPE l

This mask requires the application and respect of barrier gestures.


Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the mask.

Take the mask by the rubber bands. Respect the direction of the position (bar at the top, plunging folds on the outside).

Place the mask over the face and pass the elastics behind the ears.

Shape the barrette by pinching it with your fingers to fit over the nose. Stretch the bottom of the mask under the chin. Make sure the facepiece is tightly sealed (nose, mouth, and chin must be covered). To ensure effectiveness, do not touch the mask with your hands during use.

After each use, remove the mask by the elastic bands and dispose of it in the tightly closed rubbish bin. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Important: change the mask every 3-4 hours or as soon as it is wet.

Store away from light and moisture.


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