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Orgakiddy Breathing Protection Mask FFP2 NR 20 Masks

Orgakiddy Breathing Protection Mask FFP2 NR 20 Masks
99 1840 1 840 р.
Бонусные баллы: 92
Производитель: Orgakiddy
Доступность: 99
Код товара: OBP-18606
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Orgakiddy Breathing Protection Mask FFP2 NR 20 Masks is a mask equipped with an adjustable nasal strap and elastic bindings (for the ears), for a perfect fit and promote respiratory comfort.

In industrial environments, it protects against solid particles such as dust and fog.

It is also compatible for caregivers, requiring protection against inhalation of airborne infectious agents.

Each mask is individually packaged, single-use and offers protection for a continuous 8 hours.

No latex or fiberglass.

Colour: White.

Standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009. CE marking according to EPI 2016/425.

Filtration efficiency 94%


  1. Take the mask with the nasal strip up.
  2. Place the mask under your chin, the nasal strip up and cover your mouth and nose. Pass the elastic straps behind the ears.
  3. Press the nasal strip up and down around the nose using the fingertips of each hand to ensure a perfect seal.
  4. Check the gasket by exhaling hard and make sure there is no air leak on the sides of the mask. If necessary, readjust and check again. The presence of leakage makes the protection inoperative.

To ensure its effectiveness, do not touch the mask with your hands for the duration of use.

After each use, remove the mask by the rubber bands and then throw it in a tightly closed bin. Wash hands thoroughly.

Discard and replace the mask: if it is damaged, if it appears to interfere with breathing, if it is contaminated with blood or any other infectious element.

This mask is personal protective equipment (PPE). It must be used by persons trained in its proper use. It is intended to protect against inhalation of solid particles and solid and liquid aerosols.

It must be used in well-ventilated areas and must not be used when the concentration of contaminants poses an immediate danger to life.

This mask does not require maintenance and must not be modified. Before use, make sure it is not damaged, do not take it out of its packaging before use.

Before entering the contaminated area, make sure that it is completely sealed once positioned on the face. You must leave this area if breathing becomes difficult or if you are feeling dizzy or faint.

This mask provides protection for a single period of work not exceeding 8 hours. It is not reusable after that period.

Failure to follow the instructions for use and use of this mask throughout the exposure period reduces its effectiveness.

Wearing this mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting diseases or infections.


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