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Biolane Disinfectant Wipes 12 Wipes

Biolane Disinfectant Wipes 12 Wipes
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Бонусные баллы: 16
Производитель: Biolane
Доступность: 24
Код товара: BDW-15838
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Biolane Disinfectant Wipes 12 Wipes are biodegradable fiber wipes, intended for surface disinfection and human hygiene.

Impregnated with an effective disinfectant solution that does not irritate the skin, they can be used easily and in any circumstance to disinfect surfaces and everyday objects of baby at home or outside, they eliminate 99.9% of bacteria .

They may also be suitable for cleaning and disinfecting the hands of adults.

They are effective on bacteria, fungi, yeasts, coronaviruses and viruses responsible for respiratory and intestinal infections (influenza, gastroenteritis, etc.):

  • Bactericide: 60 seconds of contact according to standard EN13727 + A1, 5 minutes of contact according to standard EN1276.
  • Fungicide and yeasticide: 15 minutes of contact according to standard EN1650.
  • Virucidal: on Herpes simplex, H1N1 and enveloped viruses including coronaviruses in 15 minutes of contact according to standard EN14476 A1 + A2.

They leave a pleasant eucalyptus scent.
Practical, its small size makes it easy to take this package with you.

Made in France.


Apply on the surface to be disinfected or on healthy skin.

Do not exceed 3 applications per day. Close the lid securely after use to ensure good preservation of the product.

External use. keep out of reach of children.
Do not use on damaged skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a specialist. If you consult a doctor, keep the product labeling available.
Read carefully and follow all instructions. Do not use on liquid crystal and plasma screens, rough wood, carpet, upholstery and fabrics.
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and humidity.


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