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Talika Time Control+ Eye Contour High Technology

Talika Time Control+ Eye Contour High Technology
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Производитель: Talika
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Talika Time Control+ Eye Contour High Technology is the first cosmetic device for the eye to combine the cosmetic power of light with electrostimulation functions. In advance of its time, this patented device will stimulate the market of electro-beauty.

Talika Time Control + always offers more:

+ innovation: for the first time, a cosmetic instrument combines imperceptible micro-currents with three complementary wavelengths from Light Therapy.
+ functions: the anti-aging program of Time Control (anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-inflammatory) is coupled with a detox program (concealer, anti-puffiness, lightening).
+ results: the look is visibly transformed in 1 minute chrono.
+ precision: its triangular head can reach the inner hollow of the dark circles.
+ luxurious and security +: its electrode is in gold plated hypoallergenic.
+ confidence: Swiss electrostimulation technology is simple, safe and effective, suitable for home use.

Talika Time Control + is the ideal device for women who dream of an instantly refreshed look, free of dark circles and puffiness and visibly younger. The result is visible from the first minute.

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